The PBLWorks Blog is a forum for sharing and discussing information, tools, and ideas about Project Based Learning (PBL).

许多文章要么PBLWorks员工我写的mbers or PBLWorks National Faculty members. But PBLWorks also welcomes blog posts, suggestions, proposals, and other submissions from external guests, as outlined below.


pblworkspermits its National Faculty bloggers, bloggers, journalists, or writers to reblog, repost, or republish blog posts found on pblworks.org after 24 hours from the original publish date as guest blogs on their blog or website with attribution to: (i) the original article; (ii) the author; and (iii) PBLWorks.


  • 在复制的博客文章之前写下以下归因行:
  • (作者名称)最初在(PBLWorks超链接PBLWorks.org)上发表(作者名称)(作者名称)。
  • 在PBLWorks.org上发布原始发布日期和时间后24小时发布。
  • 在重新博客,重新发布或重新发布时,请勿在原始博客文章上更改,编辑,更改或修改任何书面或视觉内容。


pblworkspermits bloggers to translate its works into additional languages so long as it follows the reblogging policy guidelines above. PBLWorks is not responsible for any mistranslations of the works.




pblworksencourages conversation, feedback and comments. PBLWorks reserves the right to – but is not obliged – to do any or all of the following:

  • Delete comments deemed to be spam or questionable spam.
  • 删除滥用,非法或破坏性的评论,或者否则无法满足本评论政策的要求。
  • 删除包括亵渎性或语言和概念的评论,这些评论可能被认为是令人反感的。
  • Delete comments that include irrelevant links. Including a link to relevant content is permitted, but comments should be relevant to the topic.
  • 删除亲自攻击个人或个人组的评论。
  • 编辑评论,用于拼写,语法或事实错误。
  • 删除博客上发布的任何评论,恕不另行通知,无论此类沟通是否违反了上述标准。


Guest Posting Policy


The blog posts can be about anything that connects to Project Based Learning. You can describe projects you’ve done as a teacher or experienced as a learner or parent/guardian of a student, offering lessons learned and advice. You can explain the benefits of PBL and reflect on what makes it work effectively. You can connect PBL to other programs in schools or the world outside of school. The main point is to tell interesting stories based on your personal experience. See examples atpblworks.org/blog.

If you’d like to discuss your ideas before writing, please email[电子邮件保护]任何提交的内容均可为内容,长度和样式编辑。我们不能保证将发布每个提交的内容,但是如果您的第一个提交不是,我们欢迎您提交另一个提交!

Submitting and Publishing Articles



  • Write an original guest post in 1,000 words or less.
  • 为该帖子提供吸引人的描述性标题。
  • Do not use subheads. We'll help to select topic sentences to highlight throughout.
  • Use proper spelling and grammar.
  • Give credit and cite content where necessary.
  • 披露任何利益冲突。
  • 可选:提交与文章相关的优质照片,如果有两种大小的格式;如果没有,我们将使用自己的图像(功能图像大小964×670)。
  • 包括您自己的高质量照片(又称“头像”)
  • 作者可以提交文本中使用的原始照片,图形,图表等。由其他个人或公司创建的照片和图形必须列出以下创意共享许可之一:归因(CC BY),Attribution-Noderivs(CC BY-ND)或Attribution-Sharealike(CC BY-SA)。
  • 包括作者的旁白 - 名字和姓氏,标题,组织/隶属关系以及城市/州/国家。

Writing Tips

  • 使用第一人称声音和对话,非正式的风格 - 而不是学术。
  • 牢记读者。谁会读这篇文章?他们想知道什么?
  • Start with a hook. Share some personal anecdote or story if applicable.
  • Include lessons learned that make your content applicable to other audiences in other schools or organizations.
  • 在博客末尾包含一个行动电话,或者向读者留下最终消息或问题。
  • Break up writing into fairly short paragraphs.

Writing Conventions

  • Use 12-point font, single-spaced text, left-justified.
  • 一段时间后仅使用一个空间(这是新接受的样式;请参阅本文找出原因)。
  • Note that PBLWorks capitalizes “Project Based Learning” with no hyphen.
  • 不要将图像嵌入文本中;将它们放在最后,我们将添加它们。
  • Do not indent a new paragraph; use one line break to indicate it.
  • If you include a link to the Web, make it embedded in the word(s) that refer to it, not by saying “here” or by giving the url.

Upon submission, review and approval, PBLWorks will publish the article to pblworks.org. PBLWorks reserves the right to refuse content and remove links and bios from submitted posts.


pblworksdoes not compensate the authors of guest posts or articles. Compensation is given only to our team of PBLWorks National Faculty bloggers, who are also bound by the terms of the applicable Memorandum of Understanding and corresponding Exhibits.


pblworksreserves the right to edit content, spelling, grammar, etc. PBLWorks reserves the right to refuse to publish any works submitted for review for any reason, which it is not obligated to disclose to the guest author. Reasons for rejecting a guest article include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • 信息或事实不准确
  • 过多的语法或拼写错误
  • 与博客,现有内容,主题和重点无关紧要
  • 产品推销,营销讲话或销售推销

pblworksalso reserves the right to remove any published works by a guest author from pblworks.org without prior warning or explanation to the author. All original content submitted by theguest author将仍然是作者的知识产权。

By submitting a guest-authored article for review, or submitting a blog post as an approved National Faculty Member, you are agreeing to the terms outlined in this Guest Posting Policy. For questions regarding guest authoring or guest articles on the PBLWorks Blog, please contact[电子邮件保护]